Whirlwind Week

Fresh off of a 10 day fall break, class this morning wasn’t as intolerable as normal. Maybe it’s because deadlines seem so much closer from this side of the semester! I definitely feel more motivated by the impending panic building up in my gut. I have the memories of my fall break to keep my warm as the end of the semester draws closer.

My break can be summed up in four words: So Many Day Trips! In lieu of family or friends to travel with, I soloed my way through a different Belgian city each day. Antwerp, Namur, Dinant, Lille. Those were the four big ones. There was a lot to see in each one and I got to practice taking a lot of selfies… In the future I’m going to buy a camera and tripod so that when I’m alone I can still get all those wonderful, artsy travel pics you see all over Instagram.


Each of these small-ish cities had a different feel and I loved that! Belgium is so diverse and I really saw that in person over the last week! Although I was alone, I tried my best to make conversation with people on trains and in restaurants, considering how shy I used to be, its a major improvement.


Snails are an official symbol of Namur- why? I don’t know.

There is no end to the amazing architecture in Europe and it’s amazing to see people living and working in it every day! These were absolutely delicious treats in Lille; Meringues with chocolate and caramel ganaches. They melt in your mouth!


The weather could have been much better but its Europe in the winter, I made do. Shopping in Antwerp, castles in Dinant, a massive Citadel in Namur, and quaint streets in Lille left me refreshed and ready for the rest of the semester.


The Palais Baux-arts had a room filled with gorgeous statues and renaissance art. Also me trying to take a non selfie in Le Jardin Vaubaun!


Other than school, work, and internship- I’ll be heading to London, Paris, and Amsterdam! Then its time for my favorite holiday- Christmas! How time flies…


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