Midway Mania

Can you guys believe I’m already half way through my semester abroad?! Me either. I knew it would fly by but this is on another level.This post is heavy on the thoughts and not so much on the pictures of all the cool things I’m supposed to be doing. You’ve been warned! With that 1/2 point comes midterms and this week has been all about studying the things I’ve only kinda paid attention to in class. Because of this, and the my rent being due, exploration and travel have taken a back seat. Would that it was all fun and games! 

Returning from Prague has also given me a chance to think- about making friends, traveling, money- priorities. I didn’t set any specific intentions or priorities when I came here; I didn’t outline any goals and now I think I should have. I’m not just talking about which cities I want to visit and what grades I need to make, but something more. Its about time I asked myself what do I want to accomplish while I am here?

Of course all of these deep and sensitive thoughts came to me this week because I was hit with a very bad bout of homesickness. Yes, it happens. With all of the other students making plans for there parents to visit them during the next two months, I was painfully reminded that mine aren’t. Not their choice but c’est la vie. My lonely, sleep deprived self decided to start thinking.

So what are my priorities? What is my attitude about being here? How might they be different from the other students? I’m still trying to figure that out but I am trying so I suppose thats the important thing. I feel I have passed a hurdle but I’m sure the next two months will be full of adventures and more hurdles to jump. In other good news, I am taking a day trip to Lille soon.

As for home sickness, knowing I only have a couple months until I see the people I love is helpful and lots of phone calls make the time pass more quickly. I think my semester has and will differ from my fellow students in a lot of ways but we shall see.



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  1. Are you still going to Sweden? I forgot when . . . . .


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