Routine Queen

Up till now, I have had a tried and true recipe for the structuring of my week. Sunday was my get-in-order day- I would go to the grocery store, cook, clean, do homework, and follow a much more in depth routine of personal care than I would during the week. I like my routine, it helps keep my brain from being overwhelmed and gives me a sense of purpose when I know what I should be doing.

Alas Belgium is throwing it all out of whack! I have been in a state of semi-chaos up until the last couple weeks or so. With almost everything closed on Sunday’s and the unstable nature of traveling so often, my carefully followed regimens have gone out the window. But don’t worry, I am quickly adapting a new routine.


A very blurry picture of shots on a Thursday- I decided to stick to my mixed drink.

Now Saturdays are for shopping and cooking, Sundays for lazying around watching videos and daydreaming until midday and then for cleaning, personal care, and homework (yes its unfortunate but study abroad students still have homework.) The cat likes to join me, usually sitting on my legs making it impossible to move. 😉 IMG_3346

Except for those days I am traveling of course!

Speaking of next weekend I will be touring Prague! So excited to be going to this cultural and historical goldmine. Look forward to my next post with all of the pics to go with my next adventure.

I no longer live in a dorm where I am forced to buy lukewarm, pre prepared food. Though this awful torture is over, I spend a lot more time in the kitchen. I like cooking- its relaxing, creative, and rewarding, but man does it take a lot of time! Not just preparing the food; I do lots of sheet pans and casseroles to cut down on cooking time.

Its preparing, cutting, storing, and of course washing the dishes. I suddenly have much more respect for both my memaw and my mom. its hard enough doing all that for just one person, let alone 8 or 15 or however many family members show up for Sunday dinner.

This has given me a chance to flex my chef inclined muscles! Check out this tart- not super happy with the crust but when in the chocolate capital of the world, not making chocolate dessert is simply a crime. IMG_3349

Disclaimer: I love good food. But when I have a busy day or I’m trying to finish the chapter of my book I don’t want to stop for something as mundane as sustenance. Maybe if I had a personal chef to do it all for  me.

Since I dont however, I have noticed that I spend a lot more time grocery shopping and cooking and cleaning. It doesn’t help that the fresh ingredients here go bad way faster than their American counterparts. That’s a good thing though because local, natural foods are much better for you. I actually went through withdrawals my first couple weeks here because I couldn’t drink Diet Dr Pepper. The chemical sweetener is banned here so they don’t sell it! I’m hoping my mom will bring me one in her suitcase.

Other things are slightly odd here- not all the banks have traditional debit cards, the streets aren’t laid out in straight grid patterns, and there is public transportation that can take you practically anywhere.

Although life is a little different here, I have an all part of the adventure attitude towards it. Why else would I study abroad if not to experience a different lifestyle?

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