Back To It

With the start of classes this week I must say I feel extraordinarily normal- except that I’m in a different house, different school, different country. There is a comfort knowing I have to go to class, study, take tests- just like in Denver or High school.

I sat in class this week with my le pens and my planner, listening to the professors go over the syllabi and I felt a sense of belonging that so far has been elusive. My classes include International Marketing, Financial Accounting, European Organizations, and a Marketing Internship with EUobserver. It is a full and somewhat challenging schedule but thats all part of any college. It’s just a different setting with different people and its outrageously easy to go to another country over the weekend if I want.

Speaking of…..

Next weekend I’ll be checking out the medieval cities of Bruges and Ghent! I might even see a castle. Other students are going to Amsterdam, Paris, and London. ITs CRAZY. But a good kind of crazy. I am so excited to see a different part of Belgium. Let the planning begin!

As for the parts I’ve already seen, this weekend was all about more exploring. First was checking out Brussels flea market. Every day from 6-2 several vendors lay out all of their vintage and unique finds for people to shift through. Some of them put out bins full to the brim for you to sort. Others lay out everything they have in neat rows so you can see.


While there were some amazing vintage typewriters, we left empty handed and headed to the Museum of Musical Instruments. I love history and this was especially cool because it was all about music and instruments around the world. The audio tour was broken unfortunately but we had an amusing time trying to decipher the french plaques for information.


Europe is filled with old churches and architecture and Belgium is no different! This church was so beautiful and awe inspiring but still has nothing on Notre Dame de Paris.


I felt so small in the shadow of this huge building.


Living in a new city is so wonderful, there are so many things I want to do and I have time to check everything out at a leisurely pace instead of a mad dash to see everything and a trove of other cool and eager students to go with me. (Seriously, it was so easy to make some good friends, I am very pleased.)

Until next time Mes Cheries!

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