Bienvenue Aux Bruxelles!

Stepping off the plane into Europe at 1:30 pm on Monday August 21 2017 was surreal. After a hellish night of delays and problems, I was finally in Brussels! Going off a few  hours of sleep, I don’t know what would have happened if my friend from DU and her home-stay mom hadn’t picked me up for the airport. My shuttle had already left for the day! But I did get to my new home eventually.

My apartment is small, cute, and oh so European! It took a day to figure out the stove, and the shower, and closet. And every time you walk, the entire structure creaks!

I crashed very hard when I got home. Woke up a after a couple hours so the Son of the Family I live with could show me around the neighborhood. I found out where to get groceries (important) and where to register with the local government (very important). After a long chat with my mom and a dinner of cheese, salami, and crackers, I went to sleep again.

The next day was orientation at my school! Lots of information all at once but I made sure to write everything down. Day 2 flew by as I worked on school stuff and went back home- another long chat with my mom and it was time for bed again. You would think 11 hours of sleep would help beat the jet lag but you would be wrong. I was tired again this day at 5 pm!

Day 3 was more school orientation, running errands and having so much fun figuring out the public transportation system! So far I have gotten lost 4 times. Could be worse, wish I was better at navigation. I even started to make friends!


Belgium is jam packed with neighborhoods and streets that look just like this! It makes navigation a tad bit confusing. There are also several different architectural styles going on on one street!

Day 4 , August 25th 2017 was a few more errands, a job interview, and a tour of the City Center of Brussels. I got some frites avec mayonnaise and saw the Grand-Place. Then home again to have a more nutritious meal. (Fries aren’t good for you? What?) My tourist hot spot checklist is looking good with 2 down.

My new friend Ambrose gladly agreed to share these fries with me. With mayonnaise of course. We also saw Notre Dame and a cool music museum that we will definitely have to go back to.

The true sightseeing will have to wait until the weekend. My first step was to get my life here set up. But the first week is almost over- crazy to think that class starts so soon. I feel like I just got here!

Have you been to Brussels? Have any must see attractions or food to eat? Tell me in the comments!




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  1. I’ve not been to Brussels but I am so proud of you taking on this new challenge and adventure!


  2. I love reading your blog. You’re a great writer! Also loved talking to you Sunday on the phone. Hard to believe you’ve grown up so fast and are doing such great exploits.


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