Everyone’s Royalty at Disney World

Saturday August 19 was our Magic Kingdom day (we skipped Epcot this trip 😦 ). Despite my well laid plan we did not wake up until 9 and did not get to the park until 10, an hour after opening. It’s CRAZY. I am used to being there before the park even opens. Because of this I did not get to see what the new opening ceremony or entrance was like. That’s all right though because we still did everything we wanted to but in a super relaxed way.


I guess we’re spoiled to have been so many times we don’t feel guilty about taking it slow. We really are Princesses! First stop was breakfast at Be Our Guest! One of my ultimate favorite restaurants at Disney- Beauty and the Beast is my ultimate favorite- so the ambiance and food is outstanding in my book. We ate in the grand ballroom this time.

I really just want to dance with my Prince on this floor.

After a yummy breakfast with lots of pastries, we went to use our first FP- Winnie the Pooh! Since we arrived late out touring plan was a little different than usual- for instance we did not even go near Peter Pan or Mine Train. But we did meet Minnie and Daisy!


Aw Friends Forever!

Also checked off the list was: Pirates of the Caribbean, Small World, Tea Cups, Little Mermaid, Festival of Fantasy Parade (we watched the whole thing), Met Rapunzel and Tiana, Thunder Mtn., Splash Mtn., Space Mtn., Swiss Family Treehouse, Enchanted Tiki Room, Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor, Carousel of Progress, Mickeys Philharmagic, Charming Carousel, Happily Ever After, Once Upon A Time, Kiss Goodnight.

So many pics!

People mover and Hall of Presidents were closed :/ Not too shabby for getting there two hours later than normal! Big ones we missed: Mine Train, Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, Enchanted Tales, Buzz Lightyear.

The new Fireworks show was amazing! Very cool to watch and tugged at my heartstrings. I highly recommend getting a good seat in front of the castle, near Mickey and Walt- if this is your kind of thing.

I went home happy and ready to start my next adventure- Brussels, Belgium!




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